You know there's a better version of you & your life. Time to ditch the drama, overwhelm & self-doubt so you can live YOUR purpose, make YOUR contribution & realize YOUR dreams ....with a peaceful mind.  Ready for a better you?


"Coaching Creates Transformation"

Life is speeding by. How much longer are you willing to allow yourself to stay where you are? Time to get un-stuck.

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I want EVERYONE to have this training:  Learn to Tame the Stress Beast!  My own personal climb up the "success" ladder was fraught with stress.  Sometimes overwhelm took over.  And I felt discouraged at times because I was so worn out and tired of the struggle.  Nothing really changed for me until I learned to deal with stress.  After all, stress isn't going anywhere...especially for people like us who are up to big things and have a lot on our plate!

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1:1 Personal Coaching

You will work directly with Deborah Shannon and dive deep into whatever limits have stopped you so you can break through & achieve real, tangible and lasting results.  Results that matter to YOU. Whether it's about balancing life and work, relationships, or finding peace of mind, there is nothing like 1-on-1 coaching for achieving lasting change. It's not more's transformation (I found it myself through coaching). How much longer are you willing to settle?

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This is for EVERY relationship, not just romantic. There are specific things you can do to increase the health of every relationship you're participating in. We ALL struggle to maintain balance and identity in relationships. Not to mention, most of us mean well and yet, challenges and dysfunction can arise (and usually do). How is it that so many disagreements show up inside relationships with people who matter the most to us? And what can you do about it? Watch this video for answers.

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Want better relationships? 

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All healthier relationships have some common elements.  You will learn about it in this new training.  One video, one printable, FREE.  Still not sure?  What would your people answer if you asked whether you should watch a training on bettering your relationships?  Just sayin'..... ;)

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"Because of my constant stress, overwhelm & worry, I was having trouble with being direct & feeling powerful. I felt I had to "please" everyone else or I would be letting them down. With Deborah's coaching, I learned how to see what I was doing, reconnect to my power and it has improved my life immensely. I have checked toxic friends at the door & am getting married after being alone for almost 20 years. Life is good!"

Diane S.
Business Owner & new fiance

Want to Know What Coaching is Like?

This short FaceBook video helps explain how coaching with Deb the words of a client. Never heard it put this way before...


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