You've read all the books.

You've listened to a lot of podcasts.

You're not sure why you feel stuck.

Nothing seems to really change or improve.

And you know there's a better version of U!


"Coaching Creates Transformation"

What is The Better U?

Have you ever felt like you just need someone to help you find what's limiting you?  Or feel like you are meant for bigger things?  To have a larger purpose or greater impact?  To figure out why you're not getting results you'd like to have or make the changes you want or just generally find some peace of mind?

This monthly coaching group is about answering those questions and finding those limits so you can get on with your life and move in the direction you'd like to go.  It's not just talk....this group is about action and results.

If you're like me, you have spent years planning, pleasing, working, chasing, and generally feeling like you're doing what you were told you were supposed to do.  So why has it become dissatisfying?  When is it "your turn" to have life go the way you want?  

At The Better U, YOU are the subject matter.  Your life is the topic.  Your dreams and goals are the aim.  Enroll & get started on finding the Better You!


The Better U Monthly Membership

Here's how it works:
  • Learn a new topic monthly in a virtual training taught by Debbie
  • Participate in assignments, if you so choose, to help implement the training
  • Attend live coaching calls & Q/A sessions where you can get coached, listen to coaching and get answers to questions
  • Coach's Lounge drop in session 
  • Access to coaching sessions and trainings in case you can't attend
  • Mini video trainings specific to the group
  • Discounted private 1:1 coaching session offers

The Better U Begins Soon!

Enroll now & lock in the Founders Rate.

Here's the starting schedule:

  • FRIDAY, 10/11/19, 12:00pm EST - Live Group Coaching Session on monthly topic - this will change each month according to the topic & the group's needs
  • FRIDAY, 10/18/19, 4:00pm EST - Coach's Lounge Drop In - come as you are with any questions or issues & we'll get it handled; this is your chance to get help on anything you need
  • WEDNESDAY, 10/30/19, 12:00pm EST - Coach's Lounge Drop In - come as you are with any questions or issues & we'll get it handled; this is your chance to get help on anything you need 
  • All meetings & sessions will take place in a private, virtual Zoom room.  If you haven't used Zoom, it's super easy to use on laptop, tablet, phone, or computer....and it's free.

The Better U

Dedicated to high-level coaching & training for successful leaders, professionals & achievers to embrace their personal power, live boldly with peace of mind. Learn about U & find your Better U!

 "Coaching is a powerful tool for finding blindspots, breaking through limits, and getting clarity on your life, your purpose and your passion. When you engage in the coaching process, you access your own personal operating system to make lasting & powerful change for a transformed life."

Deborah Shannon

Hey there!  I'm so glad you stopped in and, in case you're curious about me, here's the "official bio".   

Based in North Carolina, I come from the corporate world having learned from the very best in creating powerful results through transcendent performance including IBM and Disney. I have also been an entrepreneur having owned and worked with small businesses. Coaching is in my DNA – I grew up in a family of professional athletes who each reached the top of their sports with Dad as coach. Despite “brushes with success”, life, experiences & plenty of mistakes have been some of my best teachers in the science of being human and the field of human performance. Now a Certified Professional Life Coach, the work I do uses a methodology of deep, power-based coaching. With the client’s results as the only priority, all work is custom, not time-based.

Successful people – those you would assume don’t need a coach – are those who seek to work with me. My clients include CEOs of corporations, academic institutions and of not-for-profit organizations. I work with career professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, civic leaders, business owners, moms & dads, celebrities, artists and resourceful college students. All leaders in their own worlds. None willing to settle. My clients are my superheroes.

My vision is to advance human performance and evolution with every single connection. I want to spread peace of mind! 

So glad to meet you!


I am keeping this group small in the beginning.
Jump in now and reserve your seat.
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What is Coaching?


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